The Central New York Chapter of the Volvo Club of America is proud to present the 2nd annual Euro Meet!

2013 Carlisle Import and Kit Car Show and Swap Meet

The 2013 Carlisle Import and Kit Car Show and Swap Meet

This year was a great year, I went down with a good friend to help out with the British Auto Vender Booth.  So though I didn't get much time to mingle and hang with the Volvo crowd, I did get a lot of car guy talk.  It was great weather (a little rain Saturday night).  But to top it all off, I found a set of 18's for the S40!


My 1999 Volvo C70 in the Volvo Show Field, Sporting the Swedish and Volvo flags 2013 Carlisle Import and Kit Car Show Volvo Feild Very Nice Volvo PV Duett Volvo 240 Twins! A sweet sleeper trailer combo! Volvo C-30 in Copper, I almost bought one of these... Nice Volvo S40 with Many custom touches... Volvo 740 Turbo.... I still Love the 700's more than anything... The Volvo 240 "Brickerator", Though I don't drink, I have to respect the effort... Volvo S60 R, A lot of costom painting on this sweet ride! I love the Metalic paint in this Volvo S60 R Volvo 544 Volvo 850 Turbo (w/ 5-Speed Manual Conversion) Volvo 145 Wagon, a perfect example of a great classic car! A Nissan Pair... Almost as cool as my matching C70's... A new Volvo Friend... He has many more Volvos, just not as custom... 1976 Toyota Celica GT, my Dad had this same car, down to the color... A Not-So-Stock MG... My new 18" Rims for the S40, Tucked in the back of the C70 Nice Racing Rig Once again, Saab ruled at the Carlisle show, they had a great tent! A nice pair of Saab Sonets.... OK, the Aluminum Trailer is cool too... A nice Saab 900 Go-Kart... I want one... A roof-top tent... AWESOME! The almost Empty Showfield after the rain started Friday Night... Just plain cool... Real cars have 5 lugs... BMW 2002 The British Auto Booth (with some Volvo Parts) An overview of the swap meet... I love this stuff! Just a sample of what can be found... This is an old Singer...