The Central New York Chapter of the Volvo Club of America is proud to present the 2nd annual Euro Meet!

2012 Volvo Cars of North America Open House

2012 Volvo Cars of North America Open House

Round 2 for me...  Volvo Cars of North America has had a number of these open houses over the years.  This is a wonderful event sponsored by Volvo Cars of North America and supported by the volunteer efforts of the employees throughout the head quarters.

This years event was flanked by a couple of VERY high performance teams...

First, Polestar, the new performance arm of Volvo.  The one and only C30 Polestar edition was on display and also on the auction block as 3 lucky winners were given a rare ride in the famed automobile.

Second, the K-Pax race team and one of their team trucks were on display for the open house.  The entire team, from drivers to mechanics to owners were all on site to share in the love of the sport and the Volvo Marque.  All on site were courteous and friendly, including Randy Probst who spent the day handing out signed team posters.

The open house was exactly as expected, a wonderful time.  Great cars, friends and food.  I speak for all Volvo fans when i say that i can't wait for the next open house!

Thanks to ALL who helped participated!

Volvo Main Office Volvo C30 and S60 Polestar Display Volvo S60 Kpax Racing Team Display, R. Probst VCNA Open House Show Field Volvo Cars North America Technical Center VCNA Open House Volvo R Line-up w/ K-Pax truck