The Central New York Chapter of the Volvo Club of America is proud to present the 2nd annual Euro Meet!

2011 Ithaca

4th Annual Ithaca Volvo Meet;

HiWay HiFi in Ithaca, NY

I haven't made it to all of them but I'm 3 for 4 so far... This is always a fun show. Many local fans show up and there are always new faces as the gathering grows each year. This year was located at HiWay HiFi in Beatiful Ithaca, NY, please check them out for auto and home audio and video. The meet was a great time, I brought both my son and daughter to enjoy the lovely drive through the fingerlakes and to have fun feeding the ducks in the creek near the Haunt. We had out of this world BBQ from Razzorback and enjoyed the deck (and the Ducks) at the Haunt.


I didn't have much time to take in the Volvos and chat as the kids kept me busy. Please enjoy some of the amazing cars that live here in New York.

Front Row Show Line Up Grant with his C70 Grant Crusin the Cars Volvo Drive Through Ithaca's Twisties