The Central New York Chapter of the Volvo Club of America is proud to present the 2nd annual Euro Meet!

2010 Volvo S60 Release and Driving Event

Volvo S60 Release and Special Driving Event

King of Prussia, PA


This was a chance of a lifetime... Volvo Cars of North America rolled out the red carpet to anyone who wanted to come and play... I drove 5 1/2 hours out to participate and I would do it over in a heartbeat. This fall, Volvo release the newly redesigned S60, and what a machine it is! They are traveling around the country with 5 special driving events and other test drives to show off the new design. Here is a link for more information from Volvo...

The event consisted of a few different aspects, there was the typical displays and vehicles to look over. Then there was the 'Smoozing' a full spread for both breakfast and lunch. And the main event, driving the all new S60 through a number of conditions and events. There were 3 stages;

- City Safe demonstration, where you could experience the new safety feature in action.

- A Timed course, where you could put you driving to the test and see how quick (and Safe) you could drive

- A Comparison Track, compare the new Volvo S60 to the Audi A4 and BMW 328xi

Here are a few pictures from the event, if you are reading this you need to contact Volvo and sign up for one of the remaining events if you can make it, believe me, it will be worth the effort. Many thanks to VCNA for putting on such a great event! Please enjoy a few pictures that I took at the event.


Here is my 1999 C70 that I drove to the event, and for comparison, the new 2010 C70 on display. 

My 1999 C70 that I drove to the event The new 2010 C70 on display They had many interactive displays that ranged from videos to slot car races... They had many interactive displays that ranged from videos to slot car races... A new 2010 C30 (a rare Manual Transmission too!) More of the cool displays The City Safe demonstration The poor A4 that was no match for the new Volvo! The Time Trial Course (note the digital timer near the S60) The comparison track (which was the MOST fun)