The Central New York Chapter of the Volvo Club of America is proud to present the 2nd annual Euro Meet!

2003 iPd

Here are some pictures of our trip to the 2003 IPd Garage Sale. It was about a 12 hour drive from Salt Lake City to Portland.   It is a Fun and worth while event for all, even my wife had fun as my friend Mike and I googled over all the Volvos everywhere.  There are great deals to be had both at IPd and at the swapmeet (Sorry, I forgot to take picture of the meet.), and the parking lots and streets are lined with volvos, new and old, clean and not-so-clean, stock and highly modified too.

Cascade Locks KOA why I want to finish my 1956 444 IPd's S60 My lovely wife Heather next to a P 1800 S, it is now her favorite "Old" car.  The building just off her left shoulder is IPd, you can see all the Volvos parked on NE Ainsworth Cir. Thats Heather right in front of IPd and a sweet 122 (Which is likely to be our next classic Volvo.) The Gentalman on the right had this car Built, it is quite neat and he seams to enjoy it a lot. That's Heather getting soaked by the Oregon rain at the base of the Latourell Falls just off Route 14. Multnomah Falls Vister's center.The second highest waterfall in the US Heather and I on the upper walkway at Multnomah Falls